As a specialist in the design of olfactory and aromatic signatures, ARTHUR DUPUY® aims to translate a brand, a place, an object, a visual logo into an olfactory language, through the creation of a customised perfume that reflects the values of each brand

laboratoire parfums

The University of Montpellier, founded in 1289 and still in operation today, is one of the most brilliant medical schools in the medieval world. Arnaud de Villeneuve, chemist, astrologer and great scholar, developed the distillation of both alcohol and floral waters. Apothecaries took advantage of this real innovation in the field of odorant compositions and learned the art of conceiving essences and elaborating perfumes.

Since 2015, Arthur Dupuy® has been based in the heart of the laboratories of the University of Montpellier, including its research laboratory at the Max Mousseron-CNRS-ENSCM Institute of Biomolecules and relies on past and present scientific expertise for the creation of customised olfactory signatures.

Université de Montpellier

Our team

Isabelle Parrot


Co-founder of the company, I put my scientific skills at the disposal of the research and development laboratory. Working closely with Elodie, a junior perfumer, I am particularly interested in translating our clients' worlds into fragrant notes.
With a doctorate in pharmacy, the transfer of my expertise as a university researcher in perfume and aroma chemistry to the company, allows me and Arthur to propose a new concept of olfactory marketing.



Marketing and Communication Director, I manage the development of scented by-products to make our clients' wildest dreams come true.
I was immediately attracted to the innovative concept of creating olfactory signatures. I love the idea of using my experience in perfume creation to take on new challenges!



Junior nose and lulled by the creation of perfume since always, I create all the custom-made perfumes for our clients from Isabelle's briefs.
What do I love most? Combining exceptional raw materials to perfection to create unique, tailor-made perfumes.



Administrative and financial director, I have a perfect command of the language of figures, enabling the company to see further ahead!
I like to accompany the startup in its daily development and to draw its future prospects.



Marketing and communication assistant, I help Elisa in the development of products by finding the most beautiful bottles and other components.
I am passionate about combining perfume and marketing development. Being in an innovative environment within a dynamic team with varied missions motivates me!



I am a management assistant, managing all the administrative aspects of the company. I take part in the smooth running of the company on a daily basis.
I really like the start-up aspect. I like being in contact with the whole team, customers and suppliers!



Graphic designer, I design all the desires and dreams of our customers through our scented products. DTP software has no more secrets for me!

What pleases me the most ? See my designs become real products developed by marketing.



As an R&D project manager, the skills I acquired during my doctorate enable me to contribute to the development of our products through the discovery of unique natural extracts.
The selection and combination of eco-responsible technologies and exceptional raw materials are at the heart of my exciting job.



With my dual skills in formulation and marketing, I participate in the development of cosmetic products. I support the Elisa team in all their marketing and communication projects.
I am passionate about combining research and development with marketing on a daily basis!



Marketing and commercial assistant, I am the privileged interlocutor of our customers to accompany them in the development of their products and to answer all their requests.
What I like the most ? Help them create a personalized product that looks like them.



As an assistant in our creative laboratory, I work with Elodie and Isabelle on the development of fragrances for our collections and our customers.
Seeing products come to life every day in our laboratory motivates me and boosts my creativity!


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